Monday, October 15, 2007

'Real' food

Leah had her first experience with 'real' food the other day...rice cereal. She had a confused look on her face when we put a spoonful in her mouth, but otherwise seemed to enjoy it. She tried to blow bubbles with it a couple times (like she does with her saliva). We dressed her in her Yankees jersey for a game last week...sorry dad, but we don't have a Red Sox one! She also got to go for a quick ride in the Cambird with Eric on was a gorgeous day! We're all doing really well and are going to start babyproofing the house pretty soon. For those of you who've seen all of our...'stuff'...know why we're starting now. It could take a while (not to actually babyproof, but to convince Eric to get rid of some stuff :) ).

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