Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Leah

Leah had her birthday party a couple weeks ago at the bowling alley on Mildenhall. She had 4 other little girls join her (All of which are her "best friend"). It was a fun time! The girls enjoyed the bowling for the first half. Then it was snack time. After that, it was all about playing hide and go seek...

I posted this one because of Aine. She decided to grab the lighter and put it up against her eye. She's going to give me an ulcer!
Leah made me sing happy birthday to her all day...and she'd sing it with me...to herself :)
With Allison and Aelwyn
With Aelwyn and Claire
I love this one...Aelwyn, Claire, Leah, Allison and Ella in front.

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