Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hello! Well, we're sick again! It's miserable! At this point I can't remember what it feels like to be healthy...isn't that horrible??!! I am starting to feel better and am forcing myself to slow down and rest rather than jumping into everything that's been neglected the past week or so. THAT's a challenge. Leah's almost kicked this thing but still has the lingering cough, while Aine is in the middle of it (with the snot to prove it). Thankfully Eric is still healthy....but he's also TDY so that kind of evens that out. Sooooo we would appreciate any prayers for our health. Thank you!

Someone is enjoying her blueberry pancakes! I think it's so funny that she didn't even know she had a blueberry stuck to her nose :) That's some serious concentration...

We went to this fabulous Italian restaurant in Bury St Edmunds a couple weeks ago. Best risotto EVER!!! The children's meals come with dessert. Between the three kids (including Eric), that thing never stood a chance!!! (I had a teeny bite...(and only because that was all that was left after I snapped some pictures!!!))

Little Miss Smiley!
There's a couple hug shots coming up. This are adorable, yes! BUT they are not the norm. Normally it's, "Mom!! Aine took my XYZ" or "Mom!!! Aine won't stop saying 'baaa'" or just "Waaaaaa!" Enjoy the facade....

Pucker up...
About two weeks ago, we were driving around when Eric realized we had a huge screw in one of our tires. We went to the Auto Hobby Shop to see if they could fix it. They could, but they required Eric to get the tire (or tyre as it is here) off himself. I just had to get a picture of that :) He did great!!

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