Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Here are some pictures from our visit to NY just before we moved. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with everyone and enjoyed getting a four generation picture with Jama and Aine (we tried to get Leah to sit in for it, but her majesty could not be bothered at that point in time). However she did serenade us at the fireplace, and once Uncle Frank gave her a coin for her singing...she went through every song she knew :) The girls had a great time when Faitra came over. Leah kept her hopping playing hide and seek, and Aine was busy trying to keep up with them! Leah kept calling Faitra's name, so Aine had to too. In fact when I uploaded the picture of the three of them Aine saw it and said her version of "Faitra". I can't seem to get the formatting of the pictures to work, so you get what you get.
Miss you all.

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