Friday, August 20, 2010

Leah's First Sleepover

Leah had her first sleepover about a month ago. She'd slept the night at Katherine's twice before, but this was the first time Katherine spent the night at her house. It was a blast! I personally enjoyed it because Katherine kept Leah entertained, and I didn't have to :)
I couldn't resist taking this picture before I went to bed. Unfortunately the flash woke Katherine up briefly...oops!

The girls enjoyed watching the sunset both nights...

In the van leaving Tracy's house at the beginning of our sleepover adventure. Katherine was so mesmerized by the DVD player, that no one could get her attention the whole ride. At one point Leah even said, "Katherine...I'm talking to you!"

Feeding the fish off our dock.

The BFFs at the pier in their matching dresses...and of course their shades.

My phone takes good pictures, but it's very sensitive to movement. Thus three people jumping on the bed didn't lend for the best picture....although it is a cool action shot. Katherine's jaw just dropped when Eric and I got on the bed and started jumping with her. We all had a blast!

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