Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Catching Up

We've been so busy getting ready for the move lately that I've neglected to keep up with the blog. So here's my attempt to catch up.

Leah loves dressing up and trying on shoes. Hers, mine, Eric's...doesn't matter. Here she is in her nightgown and my cowboy boots. Oh yeah...that's a look!
Aine loves being on Eric's shoulders...
Leah's friend, Sydney, had a birthday party a week or so ago, and the cupcakes we just too cute. Becky made chocolate butterflies for each of the cupcakes. They were beautiful AND delicious!
About a month ago we took Aine in our neighbor's pool. It was her first time, and she enjoyed it :)

We had a garage sale on Saturday, so Tracy watched Leah on Friday night. The girls had a blast. Apparently there was a ceremony that we all were unaware of: Leah told me today that she and Katherine were married :) She also thinks that having an anklet on means she's married....

Good morning sunshine...

We went to get bagels on Father's Day. Aine was all smiles...

God has been soooo good throughout this move process. We were having a hard time finding a place to stay for the last 6 weeks we'll be in FL, but He brought this townhouse to our attention and we'll be able to rent it for about the same as our mortgage. And this is "season"...so that's a really good deal!
One of the prerequisites for moving overseas was that Leah had to go to the dentist. We checked out a book from the library that was about going to the dentist (Dora Goes to the Dentist). After reading it a couple times, Leah was asking to go. She did really well and her teeth look great!
Aine is fascinated with "ca, ca"...aka Boo the cat
Leahrella and Katherine Beauty

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