Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Destin Seafood Festival and Pop-Pop's Visit

This was a fun family week. Aunt Sharon and Frank came in late Friday on their way back from TX to South Florida. Unfortunately they only stayed Friday night, but it was nice to hear about their trip and see them again. Dad came in the next day and left this morning. He really enjoyed seeing Leah and meeting Aine! Destin was having their annual Seafood Festival over the weekend, so we decided to go on Sunday. It was way more fun than I was expecting: there were lots of neat vendors, good food and fun entertainment for Leah. Unfortunately it started raining in the afternoon, but we were about to leave anyway, so we really didn't miss out on too much. Monday we went to open gym, and Leah got to show off her jumping skills for her Pop-Pop! I'm not sure who had more fun: Leah or my dad :) We're now back to the four of us (or five if you count Boo!) and back to "normal". 

Leah was very excited to go on this "ride". She strapped on a harness, which was then attached to some bungy-like cables which were raised over a trampoline. She started off on the "low setting" :) but Dad and Eric asked the guy to raise the cables. She couldn't reach the trampoline, but the operator grabbed her by the feet pulled her down and let go. She went sailing in the air....and surprisingly LOVED it. There were a couple times when you could tell she was a little hesitant, but she had a smile plastered on her face the whole time. She kept her tongue out too :)

Enjoying some ice cream at the festival...."green ice cream".

Leah making a friend at the park...

I got Leah some plastic pants to put over her panties while we're out and about. Although they're the smallest size (2T), they're HUGE!!! Leah decided to put one on her head like a hat. Katherine then tried to follow, but could only get it on her head and look out the leg hole :)

Could Leah have pulled them up any higher???

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