Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aine's 2 Months Old!

Again, nothing too eventful happened this past week. I guess that's good :) Aine's on a good schedule, getting up once at night and then feeding about every 3 hours during the day. She's getting better at burping, so she's much happier (thus so are we). Also her baby acne is almost gone...and I've managed to remove most of her cradle cap. Her hair's getting a little lighter...and thinner :) She was 2 months old yesterday; time is really flying! Time to update the baby book again.
Leah's still doing a great job as big sister. She thinks Aine's burp cloths are blankets and insists on covering her with them. We've drilled it into her not to cover Aine's face, and she's been listening to us...thankfully! She's really enjoying playing with her Legos. She'll build a "tall tower" and then have even more fun knocking it down. She's also really talking to us now...speaking in actual sentences versus just one/two word phrases. Granted, those sentences may not include verbs or other parts of speech, but it's truly exciting to see the development. She repeats everything we say!

Naked baby butt...ready for a bath!
Enjoying some tummy time.
Love this one! It almost looks like Aine has her arm around Leah...

I put Aine down (on Leah's beloved "aml bankie" (translation: animal blanket)). Leah grabbed one of her favorite Pooh books, laid down next to her and started reading. It was too cute!  

Nice mohawk Spike!
Eric was organizing some work gear, and Leah decided to play dress up. (but first she had to go put on her bathing suit top)

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