Sunday, April 26, 2009

Riding the Carousel, Wendy's Wedding, Earth Day, Hunting Eggs

This week has been pretty busy, but very fun.  Lindsey and Scott came in to town on Wednesday for Wendy's wedding.  It was so great to see her again (and to finally meet Scott).  I was also able to see her sister, brother-in-law, nephew and mother.  The wedding was beautiful (and it was a nice treat to see Pastor James officiating).  

Earlier that day, Tracy and I took the girls to the FWB Earth Day celebration, which was...less than entertaining.  But it was still nice to get out and walk around.  

We hope all are well :)

The best thing about the Earth Day celebration was watching Leah and Katherine go through the "hippie door"... they had soooo much fun!

The mall has kid's night on Tuesdays with free carousel rides.  Leah and Katherine had a blast and went on it a couple times!

Leah's jumping up and down waiting in line...
Learning to potty train...she loves sitting on it, she just hasn't been "productive" yet!
An older shot of her at the park...but still cute :)
The "Egghunters"...

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