Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Miscellaneous Pics

"Peanut's" crib came, and Eric put it together.  We love it (although it's so strange to see the dark wood in that room instead of white...it's also strange to see the mattress so high)!  Leah tried to help put it together, but she wasn't very helpful!!!  When it was all done, we asked her whose crib it was and she said "baby" and then put four of her dolls in it :)
She loves wearing hats.  Karen and John bought Eric his new "bus driver" hat while they were in town as a gift for his upcoming promotion to major. We asked Leah to smile for the camera and this is one of the cheesy grins she gave (although they're getting less dramatic)!

She decided to "hide" from me the other morning :)
okay...this is a very bizarre habit!  Leah occupies herself while I'm in the shower by pulling out all the underwear from my drawer.  She used to just put one around her neck as a necklace, but she's now moved on to putting them ALL around her neck.  It's hilarious...and weird!!
Reading books and having tea with Boo and Daddy.

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