Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here come my "tooths"

Well, it's taken some time but my "tooths" have decided to show themselves...I didn't make it easy for the parents to get this picture but they were persistant! My bottom 2 teeth have broken through and the top 2 are very close behind....I'm an all or nothing kind of girl!

I'm almost 9 months and ready for driving lessons. When Daddy learned to drive he was told "he drives like a cop"...makes sense since one taught him. I wonder what someone will say about my driving...."Drive it like you stole it!"

We had a blast flying this airplane, I would have liked to eat the plane but the P's just kept wanting to make it fly...I just don't get them some days!
This feeding thing has gotten easier by the day...
Not sure where this face is coming's my new thing, gotta keep the P's guessing!

This is me watching my favorite TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba. Needless to say I love this show!

Hope you like my first blog. Love you Leah!

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